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@Darth Sonic
If only my dick held enough power to extinguish the Sun…set…Shimmer.
Joke worked better in my head.

I guess I’m spoiled. I can deal with something being a leak, low-quality having logo’s or timestamps. Having all of those things in a flood of pictures is what made me raise my eyebrows. Don’t think we had shots this bad even when Season 2 was first revealed back in the day.
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Happy Derpy!
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Why is the site being spammed by horrible-quality screenshots with ugly timestamps?

Have you never been here before when there has been a new content leak? This is standard behavior.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Young Leosword
You appear to have your own reason why everypony should be compelled to hate the Equestria Girls series, which I’d first discuss before delving into your questions…
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Why is the site being spammed by horrible-quality screenshots with ugly timestamps? Why do they all have the same bad watermark at the bottom right? Who’s doing this? And why?

And most peculiar: why is any one upvoting this?
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