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Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow dash (Divorced) : Lightning Color and Moon Magic

Celestia x Rainbow Dash : Sunlight Rainbow

Applejack x Starlight Glimmer (Genderswap) : Apple Magic

Braeburn x Vinyl Scratch x Pinkie Pie : Apple Jay Pie

Rarity x Thenderhoof : Pink rose

Fluttershy x Big Mac : Apple Flower

Base ":

This next gen belongs to me and EmaBases
safe1574097 artist:thesmall-artist432 oc604152 oc only409366 oc:apple flower38 oc:apple jay pie1 oc:apple magic1 oc:lightning color3 oc:moon magic18 oc:pink rose75 oc:sunlight rainbow1 alicorn195010 earth pony198506 pegasus239208 pony844741 unicorn265705 alicorn oc21974 base used15744 female898082 magical lesbian spawn10701 magical polyamorous spawn4 magical threesome spawn680 mare414959 multiple parents226 next generation6098 offspring34328 parent:applejack3262 parent:big macintosh2670 parent:braeburn302 parent:fluttershy4035 parent:pinkie pie3582 parent:princess celestia1863 parent:rainbow dash5005 parent:rarity3563 parent:starlight glimmer1138 parent:trenderhoof221 parent:twilight sparkle7306 parent:vinyl scratch373 parents:braepiescratch1 parents:dashlestia36 parents:fluttermac1080 parents:glimmerjack19 parents:trenderity32 parents:twidash672 simple background345172 transparent background179404


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