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Quite a number of people requested to have this separately and without text.
Whaddya say, good enough?
safe1728024 artist:alcor1000 twilight sparkle303238 alicorn228675 pony988246 alcor is trying to murder us16 blushing201136 cheek fluff5729 choker12469 clothes467572 costume28068 cute203014 daaaaaaaaaaaw4521 embarrassed11575 female1382271 fishnets5396 floppy ears53277 glowing horn20081 hnnng2465 looking at you172272 magic74324 maid5943 maid headdress480 mare491489 mouth hold17773 precious105 roleplaying555 solo1078688 standing12535 stockings33480 stupid sexy twilight1012 sweet dreams fuel1614 telekinesis28224 thigh highs37255 twiabetes12127 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124956 uniform10887 weapons-grade cute3732


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Background Pony #BA5E
It's funny how this is cropped from one of the most detailed human x Twilight sex comics ever.