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Two griffons and a pegasus strike a pose,

“Alright and get ready, ‘cause the cool family around is in town!”

“Behold- the Rainbow Family!”

Gilda, Rainbow Feather, and Dash are on the scene!
safe1691281 artist:carnifex2315 gilda9532 rainbow dash232326 oc675246 oc:rainbow feather304 griffon26738 hippogriff9567 pegasus285968 pony953024 daughter616 family4382 female1349239 gildash355 interspecies22655 interspecies offspring7187 lesbian95957 magical lesbian spawn11815 mother and daughter5823 offspring38374 parent:gilda626 parent:rainbow dash5645 parents:gildash344 pose5791 shipping198261 wings104310


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