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safe (1500073) artist:徐詩珮 (6703) glitter drops (5003) pinkie pie (196183) sci-twi (20267) spring rain (4495) sunset shimmer (53906) tempest shadow (13679) twilight sparkle (271833) equestria girls (169706) equestria girls series (26557) forgotten friendship (4342) my little pony: the movie (17151) clothes (381139) equestria girls-ified (7710) feet (31287) female (824245) glittershadow (4461) lesbian (87172) polyamory (5119) sandals (3528) scitwinkie (44) scitwishimmer (2059) shipping (174054) springdrops (3309) springshadow (4037) springshadowdrops (3217) sunlightpie (4) sunsetpie (186) sunsetsparkle (4151) swimsuit (22693) twinkie (1643)


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #AF32
我希望可以播出equestria girls tempest shadow and spring rain.glitter drops,可以跟著mane 8一起去海邊,ponied up

Sci-Twi Lover
Hope if there's a chance of a special where Princess Twilight invites Tempest Shadow to the human world with her and Starlight Glimmer, would makes sense to me!