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safe (1431042)artist:徐詩珮 (4805)glitter drops (3400)pinkie pie (189270)sci-twi (18841)spring rain (2857)sunset shimmer (50744)tempest shadow (11286)twilight sparkle (260918)equestria girls (159969)equestria girls series (23943)forgotten friendship (4098)my little pony: the movie (16533)clothes (356271)equestria girls-ified (7304)feet (29589)female (761645)glittershadow (2926)lesbian (82016)polyamory (3497)sandals (3371)scitwinkie (38)scitwishimmer (1927)shipping (164741)springdrops (1866)springshadow (2513)springshadowdrops (1784)sunlightpie (3)sunsetpie (152)sunsetsparkle (3980)swimsuit (20943)twinkie (1588)

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Background Pony #F3E2
我希望可以播出equestria girls tempest shadow and spring rain.glitter drops,可以跟著mane 8一起去海邊,ponied up
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RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
Hope if there’s a chance of a special where Princess Twilight invites Tempest Shadow to the human world with her and Starlight Glimmer, would makes sense to me!
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