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Silver Lining sat in the bar, with his hoof on the wooden counter top. His eyes were a bit heavy, his mane messy, and his cheeks a bit rosy. It was about 1 am and he had finished two and a half beers now. The lights weren’t that bright and everything seemed to have a some what purple-ish hue. Finally, some-pony sat down beside him and he glanced over. It was another unicorn he’d never met before.

"Hey there." The unicorn spoke, tilting his head to the side, pupils peering out of the corner of his eyes.

Silver Lining paused, then blinked before looking around him. "Hm, me?"

The yellow coated unicorn nodded. "Yeah, nobody else is at the bar." He gave a small chuckle. His cheeks were already very red as he looked the other direction. He smelled of alcohol.

Silver Lining furrowed his brows. "Look, you’re not the first stallion to think I’m a mare but I’m a stallion…" He huffed. The long mane did actually confuse a few stallions from time to time. "So…sorry to disappoint you." He sipped on his large mug of beer.

The stallion blinked somewhat confused and shook his head. "I probably wouldn’t have come over here if you were a mare…to be honest…" 

The blue-ish stallion paused and blushed a darker red before looking over. "Wait…are you hitting on me?"

"H-Hey now. I didn’t word it like that. You said hit on…I just…eh…" He stuttered and looked down at the wooden laminated counter. "Whatever…I can just go…"

Silver Lining shook his head. "Nah, it’s alright. I don’t mind the company." He said setting his mug back down. "What’s your name anyways?"

"Heh, my name’s kinda stupid. You can call me Moonlight." He chuckled softly before ordering a shot of creme de menth.

The two stallions began to talk for about two hours before they seemed to laugh and got to know each other. Turns out Silver Lining was at the bar to hide from his mother, who he’d gotten into a fight with. Moonlight was actually there for about the same reason. Moonlight admitted his mother wanted him to find a nice mare, but he just didn’t have the courage to tell her that he…wasn’t interested in mares. Silver Lining had never been sexually curious. He didn’t care either way.

Finally, 4 am came around and the bar began to ask for last call to any pony left. They were both a bit drunk, but Silver Lining was a bit of a light weight. He only had those 3 beers. Moonlight on the other hand finished off a few shots, and had more clarity than his new friend, so he ended up taking Silver Lining out of the bar. The stallions were both a bit wobbly, so it was quite the sight. The yellow stallion sat down on a bench just outside the bar, and Silver sat next to him. The two talked for another hour before the tipsy unicorn dozed off. His head fell against Moonlight’s shoulder and this caused the poor stallion to blush all kinds of red hues. The yellow unicorn sighed and looked away, muttering under his breath, "Holy shit…that’s hot…"

Guys this took me a whole week to finish ;w; I haven’t done MLP stuff in so long and I feel like I’m just not where I want to be at…So, I tried to use some new techniques but it still looks like trash. Excuse me while I go watch the youtubes….


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