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semi-grimdark36752 suggestive192682 artist:lumineko3036 mean applejack314 mean fluttershy282 mean pinkie pie259 mean rainbow dash240 mean rarity311 mean twilight sparkle974 queen chrysalis42621 tree of harmony840 alicorn319699 earth pony515282 pegasus507973 pony1629350 unicorn550294 g42055091 the mean 61917 blushing279392 butt236087 clone3523 evil rainbow dash156 female1830478 imminent rape1952 imminent sex11063 lesbian119183 plot147345


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Background Pony #93C4
Queen Chrysalis severly underestimated her own creations and now she has to pay the price.
She was taken by surprise, overwhelmed and tied up.
Now the haughty queen is completely at the mercy of the clones who take great joy in humiliating and abasing her.
Especially Twilight thoroughly enjoys to tease and taunt her helpless victim.
Chrysalis is fuming with rage, tries to give her orders and makes empty threats but the Mean Six just ignore it and continue to have their way with her for many hours.
The humbled and defeated queen is powerless to stop them and is disturbed by the thought that the accursed Starlight and her loathsome friends are her only hope to be safed from her insufferable torment.
When her despised rescuers finally arrive and defeat the Mean Six Chrysalis shame is unbearable.
She is taken captive and led in a victory Parade through Ponyville and Canterlot while thousands of ponies are mocking and laughing at her.
In the end she is imprisoned in the personal dungeon of Princess Celestia herself.
The princess is more than happy to be able to finally practice retaliation for everything Chrysalis did to her and her little ponies.
Chrysalis knows that her punishment hasn´t even begun but there is nothing she can do about it but beg her triumphant foe for mercy, hope that she finally pities her and allows her to be her pet.
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Heh, glad to see I’m not the only one who watched the episode and thought about Chrysi getting into a tentacle like situation.