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Comission for of the lovely Athena… dang athena you look a lot like a pony from Prance I know…hmmm  

If you’d like your very own 15$ pony character drawing
check out my journal for my limited time offer:

Limited Special Price Commissions and UpdatesI have been super ill with the flu for like…three weeks! Sorry for all the late replies and the dormant account. 
I am on them mend now and feeling much better.

Comission Info
I am also in need of some cash fairly badly. 
I am thus opening some special commission slots for a lower price then normal, but I will need money upfront for the commissions (I take paypal). After I am done with these I will not be accepting commissions again until after July at the earliest so consider that if you were on the fence haha. I will keep them open through the end of the week, or if I get full. 
 I can do ponies, people, anthro, creatures and beyond- just ask.  To claim a spot- reply on the journal with a link to your reference/ description of what you want and any specific instructions (ie dark backgrounds, Victorian outfit ect.), I will note you with my paypal, and I will do commissions in order of payment received
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