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This Next gen couple request was picked out by

This is part 1 out of 6

Ship: Twilight Sparkle X Comet Tail
Race: Unicorn/Alicorn
Name of Children: Cresent Comet (Colt)

Cresent Comet takes after his mother and is very much a big book nerd who enjoy's spending his days locked up in his room studying the stars and other constellations. He does have one flaw that he doesnt like others to know about and that is, Cresent is very anti-social and has very bad panic attacks when touched.

Do not claim i stole them. I worked on these for 2 hours.
Do not use them without my permission!
If you wish to draw them feel free but do not claim as yours and credit me.

Bases are all by

Pole to the next Gen. Pick outs:…
safe1690181 artist:lavaroses19 comet tail880 twilight sparkle298466 alicorn221392 pony951839 big crown thingy2341 cometlight299 family4379 female1348095 jewelry62025 male367280 offspring38317 parent:comet tail178 parent:twilight sparkle8175 parents:cometlight141 regalia19426 shipping198005 simple background387869 straight134714 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122977 white background96242


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