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safe (1461532)artist:king-kakapo (1037)applejack (150654)rainbow dash (207365)rarity (160576)earth pony (158911)pegasus (199040)pony (726843)unicorn (216800)blushing (158518)clothes (367013)dress (35963)embarrassed (9016)female (788483)glasses (48388)hat (67290)horn (28984)magic (59330)mare (352932)measuring tape (874)model (550)modeling (233)rainbow dash always dresses in style (1403)sitting (47593)telekinesis (21618)tomboy taming (262)trio (6231)unshorn fetlocks (19400)


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5 comments posted
Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Dolling up tomboys in darling hats and lace and lovely bows is a fun theme
Pink is Dashie’s color anyway, she always looks good in it and it matches her blushy face when she’s dressed in it
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