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safe (1458175)artist:setharu (256)gallus (4717)ocellus (3720)sandbar (3986)silverstream (4461)smolder (5337)yona (3833)changedling (6148)changeling (34003)classical hippogriff (3967)dragon (39916)griffon (21952)hippogriff (7034)pony (723597)yak (3272)school daze (2472)season 8 (790)commission (42238)dragoness (5671)looking at you (124753)scenery (6538)school of friendship (935)student six (1265)


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5 comments posted
I really hope theses guys aren’t just one-shots cause I get they don’t want to neglect the original mane six but episodes catered to them would be fun.
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leash's avatar

Really nice poses. Fantastic work!! Smolder looks so chill. that’s amazing. I still believe Silverstream is the most adorable. such cute eyes
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