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Because today is one of those weird times when April Fools and Easter are on the same day. ¯\-(ツ)-/¯

Made with Prismacolor colored pencils.
safe (1429881)artist:ericremotesteam (10)pinkie pie (189133)april fools (685)bunny ears (2783)chest fluff (25783)colored pencil drawing (1460)cute (148711)cutie mark (33933)diapinkes (7006)easter (1066)easter fools day (6)fake ears (201)female (760628)handwriting (42)holiday (10940)one eye closed (20388)prismacolors (50)simple background (291018)sitting (46124)solo (876431)tongue out (75836)traditional art (96418)white background (72225)wink (18669)


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