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safe1863335 artist:/d/non1239 somnambula2130 sphinx (character)1054 earth pony314046 pegasus356989 pony1207783 sphinx2202 30 minute art challenge7980 chest fluff47743 dialogue73748 duo90752 ear piercing31864 earring24808 egyptian1217 egyptian headdress262 egyptian pony536 eyeliner1186 eyeshadow19330 featured image985 female1502761 jewelry80244 leonine tail10294 lidded eyes35290 makeup26878 male423417 mare558053 on back27464 piercing48480 prone28512 simple background456550 size difference16591 speech bubble27792 white background115621


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The MLP Lover-Fan
There’s plenty mares, even in Somnambula’s place, that have makeup (aka eyeshadows). It’s one of the things that can describe them best.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Well, in Ancient Egypt makeup was unisex indeed…
Not to mention functional - their signature eye makeup was all about keeping sunlight from reflecting off one’s face and into one’s eyes.