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FRENZY) (cough, cough) ugggggggh! I cant believe my own daughter betrayed me by giving me her foal pocks
CRUITHNE) giba ka (cough)!

Luna trots in with a first ad kit.

LUNA) oh! I'm sure she didn't mean to.
FRENZY) Luna….. why are you a nurse.
LUNA) well I thought it would cheer you up what do you think.

Luna said as she turned to look inside the first ad kit also reveling her silky panties.
Frenzy gets a good look.

FRENZY) oh mamma! (cough)
LUNA) what was that dear.
FRENZY) um! nothing (cough) so uh! where's the doctor.
CRUITHNE) (cough, cough, cough)
LUNA) she'll busy in the infirmary but will be here shortly….. but she did say I needed to take your temperatures.

Luna levitates two thermometers, frenzy opens his mouth.

LUNA) oh! sorry dear but it needs to be taken the foal way…..

Frenzy lets out a little whimper as Luna turns him and Cruithne onto their belly's, Cruithne looks on in confusion as Luna pulls their diapers down.
safe1637613 artist:evilfrenzy484 princess luna96457 oc641818 oc:cruithne38 oc:frenzy146 pony903346 absurd resolution64808 age regression1359 baby10038 baby pony6298 chicken pox5 diaper12858 fruna66 grumpy2437 nurse2138 offspring36191 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna2094 parents:canon x oc1652 parents:fruna33 sick1698


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