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*It is roughly based on the story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/399613/flutters-of-fancy-iii-apple-butter
Originally wanna made a more faithful version with wet body and chastity belt, but it seems involve too much alteration to make that works, so I spend time a clothed version instead, haha.

explicit482966 alternate version89537 artist:audrarius615 applejack203440 cheerilee11361 fluttershy262705 earth pony520710 pegasus513324 anthro368691 fanfic:flutters of fancy6 g42065575 ahegao34984 balls112632 belly button114064 belt9808 blushing282052 breasts401114 casual sex2167 cheerijack24 cheerishy20 clothed sex3945 clothes650843 collar49276 crying56580 eye contact7766 fanfic art18953 female1844979 freckles45839 futa62833 futa applejack3775 futa on female15860 group8459 group sex21461 high res410080 intersex65352 looking at each other35992 mare767761 nipples249093 nudity525115 open mouth245809 pants23184 partial nudity30415 penis218720 prison guard position837 sex175525 shipping259238 shirt42378 skirt57392 skirt lift5580 smiling411324 tail110535 tail pull2811 tears of joy3581 threesome14614 trio28332


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