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Clop for a Cause 3 is back and BIGGER then before!
It’s that time again and just like last year, we brought you a gift. Free lewd pony art. Our team has been working hard in order provide all of you, with wonderful art of some of our favorite ponies. Feeling generous? Throw in a few dollars and you will also help kids in need who can use a brighter Christmas.

What’s in it?
From a team of 48 artists we have created 67 unique pieces of art and 67 picture variants. The theme for this pack is Christmas time and that cold winter season. This pack contains numerous edits that include mares being filled with that good Christmas spirit, wardrobe changes, and so much more.

What cause?
This entire art pack is non-profit! Every single penny will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation anonymously, just in time for Christmas! Their goal is to give toys to kids and needy families across the nation, and we found this to be a cause worth supporting!

Who’s in it?
Aero AngryBurger AN-M Anontheanon Anonymousdrawfig Ashee Atmosseven Beardie-Arts Bluemeganium Candel Coinpo ConrieCowsRTasty CremeDeLaClop DankFlank Dattebayo DimFann DoggD00mF1sh Elijah FrecklesFanatic Grabby HorseFace JetWave JoeyH3Lemon Lock Lux MKogwheel MarsMiner Monaniverse Nips OmegaOzonePG Pabbles Pie QChaoz REDXBACON Replica Rhorse Shino ShobieShyStarkdust Starry5643 Tenenbris Whatsapokemon WickedSilly Zalart

Standard Edition
This version has 48 images, (one image from each artist) at 1500 pixel resolution. Best of all, it’s free!

Price: $0 — Free
The Basic Edition will be available from December 14th — January 15th.
[Order Here]

Deluxe Edition
This contains all 133 images: The 67 unique images and 66 edits. Each picture is at a ~2800+ pixel resolution. It also includes a whole bunch of bonuses, such as:

55 PSD/CLIP/SAI work files!
Full resolution images
Time-lapses of pieces being made
Behind-the-scenes documents
Price: $5.00 + any additional amount you’re willing to donate
The Deluxe Edition will be available from December 14th — January 15th.
[Order Here]

Why Pay More?
As decided on Jan. 15th at 11 PM (PST), The top three contributors will receive:
1 — One free commission from datte-before-dawn Rhorse and @9volt-art​.
2 — One free commission from cremedelaclop graboiidz and @elijah-draws​.
3 — One free commission from starry5643 jet7wavensfw and @pabbley.

Additionally, 100% of your payment goes to Toys for Tots anonymously. If you would like to support the artists, consider commissioning them in some way. :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will enjoy our work!
explicit337923 artist:dankflank479 princess cadance31894 alicorn214526 pony919526 art pack:clop for a cause 378 anatomically correct22894 anus92963 christmas13851 christmas lights1750 christmas tree4107 clothes441203 crotchboobs20171 cutie mark45275 female1318553 frog (hoof)11757 holiday19595 horn58701 leg warmers2339 legwear107 looking at you159487 looking back54228 lovebutt1176 milf9136 mother2258 nipples158145 nudity355528 plot75753 ponut41625 purple eyes2096 sexy27853 snow13499 solo1030937 solo female175375 stockings31131 stupid sexy princess cadance313 thigh highs33981 tree30847 underhoof49731 vulva122247 wings96545


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I hope they do a good for this year. I’m down. We need more princess art. Dankflank should do it and make all the other artist jelly. He’s good.
Background Pony #839E
@Background Pony #678B

I started with beastiality before getting into clop lol