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fitting for the time of the year, a Parody of the Krampus Christmas-Cards. The Krampus is a horned creature and cristmas tradition from the alpine region, mostly upper bavaria and austria. The cards depict him capturing bad children to take them away.
unfortunately the numer of evil-doers seems to have decreased in recent years…
safe (1411973)artist:westphalianartist (40)grogar (908)king sombra (11585)queen chrysalis (28878)-- (2)beard (2597)blackletter (321)bored (1201)castle (1410)changeling (31645)changeling queen (7505)christmas (9231)curved horn (4550)evil grin (3098)eyebrows (1801)facial hair (3799)fangs (17293)fullmoon (3)generation leap (5112)german (903)goat (905)goatee (1052)grin (27504)hearth's warming eve (994)holiday (10572)holly (1323)horn (24322)jewelry (37836)krampus (47)levitation (8464)magic (56519)magic aura (1805)moon (18354)necklace (11962)night (19097)ram (437)red eyes (4125)scenery (6079)smiling (179969)stars (11206)tambelon (31)telekinesis (20271)translated in the comments (2178)translator:mad black (1)writing (955)


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