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Not as dada as the previous one, but eh…

semi-grimdark36266 artist:wiimeiser129 apple bloom59930 babs seed6362 diamond tiara11797 spring melody1430 sprinkle medley1430 oc946036 oc:blackjack3368 oc:homage493 oc:puppysmiles319 unnamed oc3464 carbink9 pony1599746 fallout equestria22896 g42026443 1000 hours in ms paint7152 20 years in source filmmaker9 3d122388 battle saddle383 butt230758 canterlot ghoul103 comic135222 dark souls750 dialogue92539 downvote bait1180 fake1269 faker than a three dollar bill301 female1799633 giant pony5893 glowing eyes15317 gmod8441 gun20726 halo2642 handgun4129 implied pacemaker2 ladder1052 little macintosh632 loss (meme)355 macro14947 mare739054 multeity3033 not salmon3175 op is on drugs269 palette swap1869 pink eyes2052 plot143799 pokémon11070 politics1785 poof270 poof (fop)16 poorly drawn puppysmiles2 recolor5559 revolver2078 scout (tf2)1165 season 191 song reference4198 source filmmaker67724 speech bubble39037 stargate93 team fortress 27058 the b-52s11 the fairly oddparents558 video game6069 vulgar25243 wat21809 when you see it758


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