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"*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on this and everybody has their own way of drawing their ponies and thats okay!

Just something silly I wanted to draw to address a very real issue though dont take it too seriously!"
explicit343295 artist:cartoonlion1017 applejack167419 fluttershy209504 twilight sparkle296643 earth pony237750 pegasus280250 pony938876 unicorn311030 anatomically correct23282 anatomy421 anus94539 bedroom eyes57988 clitoris26473 crotchboobs20566 disembodied hand2744 dock48395 female1336136 heart clitoris1597 how to draw191 looking back55493 mare466258 monochrome147841 nipples161397 nudity361517 ponut42377 presenting23520 question mark4401 smiling240352 spread legs18551 spreading18345 sultry pose1816 teasing3658 teats7629 thumbs up966 tongue out100955 tutorial628 underhoof50642 unshorn fetlocks24453 vagina48238 vulva124521 vulvar winking11487 wink24063


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Background Pony #AFB4
Lurker Pony

My issue is that I don't think it's important to make them any more realistic than the show does (appropriate amount of horse and anthro, balanced).

That goes for horse dicks too!

This is just a bit too close to bestiality for my tastes.
Lurker Pony
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Background Pony
If you don't think the guide is necessary, then just don't use it…?

I mean the artist that drew this said this in its description, "everybody has their own way of drawing their ponies and that’s okay!"

Thank you for the concern nonetheless.
Background Pony #AFB4
That's all well and good.
But making ponies too "lifelike" has its own set of drawbacks; there's a tendency for them to start looking like dogs in terms of the barrel/leg shape compared to the head size. This makes them look too much like talking pets which is more disturbing/depraved in a rule 34 context.

The show's style anthro'd them in a unique way to avoid this look; the leg shapes flare and are thicker than they need to be, the torso and thighs are "fatter" which make them more humanoid (both of these changes make it possible to make them cartoon-bipedal at times without it looking impossible).

So do the genetalia need to be so accurate? And I'm pretty sure they don't go into heat (based on observed family units).

Although crotchtit advise is sound, they are quadrupeds, and it would be weird otherwise.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I used to ride, so I got plenty of views of horse genitals while doing circles in the show ring, toweling down my horse, etc. It's jarring to me when they don't have horse genitals, like I'm seeing them after they've been mutilated.
Duck - Racist Shitflinger
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The first time I saw a cartoolion´s draw with anatomically correct pony genitalia, I thought "this can be real, soon or later this shit will fade away".

Now I'm a little more enlightened about the marvelous capacity of adaptation of the human mind.