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My ideas for Mane 6 Pokémon Teams

-Noctowl (Owlowiscious)
-Espeon (Magic)
-Haxorus (Spike)
-Rapidash (Angry Twilight)
-Slowking (Royalty)
-Alakazam (Mega) (Smart/Star Swirl when Mega evolves)

-Krookodile (Gummy)
-Drifblim (Balloon)
-Mr. Mime (Clown)
-Slurpuff (Cupcake)
-Ludicolo (Jolly and party lover)
-Absol (Mega) (Pinkie Sense)

*Rainbow Dash:
-Torkoal (Tank)
-Swellow (Speed)
-Castform (Weather)
-Altaria (Clouds)
-Hawlucha (Strong)
-Pidgeot (Mega) (Fast Flyer,and her CM colours when Mega evolves)

-Minun (Angel)
-Beautifly (Butterflies)
-Altaria (Singer and flyer)
-Goodra (Kindness)
-Ursaring (Harry)
-Blaziken (Mega) (Chickens,and maybe her brave side,Torchic would fit better,but I don’t wanted unevolved Pokémon)

-Purugly (Opal)
-Carbink (Jewel)
-Glaceon (Beauty)
-Tsareena (Fashion)
-Milotic (Majestic)
-Sableye (Mega) (More jewels)

-Lycanroc (Winona)
-Trevenant (Tree)
-Miltank (Cow)
-Emboar (Pig)
-Mudsdale (Kicks)
-Aggron (Mega) (Tree planter)

made by Misochikin
safe (1032942)artist:misochikin (170)artist:wolf (53)applejack (112706)fluttershy (140401)pinkie pie (146316)rainbow dash (157850)rarity (118855)twilight sparkle (194143)equestria girls (95196)absol (43)aggron (8)alakazam (17)altaria (24)beautifly (10)blaziken (26)carbink (5)castform (9)clothes (216128)converse (2203)crossover (41232)drifblim (2)emboar (5)espeon (67)glaceon (67)goodra (38)hawlucha (9)haxorus (5)humane five (578)humane six (649)krookodile (6)ludicolo (9)lycanroc (7)mega evolution (93)milotic (48)miltank (23)minun (10)mr. mime (17)mudsdale (10)noctowl (14)pidgeot (17)pokémon (5941)pokémon team (51)pokémon trainer (94)purugly (9)rapidash (335)sableye (24)shoes (7880)slowking (7)slurpuff (8)swellow (7)torkoal (9)trevenant (8)tsareena (1)ursaring (12)
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