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Uploaded by Background Pony #42B8
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suggestive170463 artist:7los7100 rarity201344 pony1297740 unicorn434828 bacon359 belly35009 big belly15764 comfort eating191 couch10432 eating11491 fainting couch1053 fat25666 female1580922 food86056 huge belly6240 huge butt12965 ice cream5765 large butt24806 magic85231 mare605030 marshmelodrama921 meat2322 obese13457 open mouth193467 raritubby1229 rearity5854 solo1247320 telekinesis33530 thunder thighs12007 wide hips23762


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The source isn’t dead anymore. 7-Light-Of-Shadows-7 still has a page on Furraffinity. And this pic is included in his gallery. Same resolution even.