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Pony Waifu Sim

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Spindle: Which city has the higher population density, Hong Kong or Tokyo?

Parcly Taxel: Hong Kong.

Spindle: Indeed, and the scarcity of land has made the ponies there quite resentful towards each other, which means I can feed… no wait, that’s not the point of our vacation!

Parcly: In this small area lies all the food I can dream of. All the skyscrapers I can dream of. All the music I can dream of. All made accessible by the beloved MTR. In fact, I don’t even have much of a plan for this trip – whatever corner I turn always leads to something intriguing and connected.

Spindle: Obviously ignoring the fact that you went there before… but that doesn’t matter. Hong Kong is still the unpredictable city you know.

Parcly: As before, I’ll be posting a daily picture diary of my travels here. They will also be reblogged on my personal Albumin Flask blog.

(SVG here.)
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