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"Hey, wait a sec, I remember this lake. Yeah, just on that shore over there I had to deal with a whole fleet of inflatable tanks, on at least a few occasions. Nice to see that the trenches and track marks were filled back in, along with all those massive craters, huh?"

"Eheheh, yeah… not too many good memories here. I think things started getting out of hoof around the fifth or sixth Tulip I'd built."

"Oh, only that many? You don't think throwing enough inflatable tanks to arm the entire royal guard at one pony over a stupid ratty old flag was a bit much, do you?"

"H-hey, no need to get all snappy over it, you're the one who ended the war, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I don't think you two'll go overboard again next year… hey, is the engine supposed to be revving like that? And the hose supposed to be all… bulgy?"

"Engine? I… oh, bugger."

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