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Dragon lord Lyra because DRAGONS.
G1 Timberbon because I dunno.
safe (1344235)artist:dragonpone (313)derpibooru exclusive (18013)bon bon (13924)bon bon (g1) (214)lyra heartstrings (24970)sweetie drops (13915)ahegao (16697)bedroom eyes (41557)blushing (142940)bonlyrabon (5)chest fluff (22757)dragon (31214)dragonified (1156)dragon lord lyra (4)ear fluff (15433)female (683106)freckles (17794)g1 (12962)g1 to g4 (3467)generational ponidox (158)generation leap (5028)gradient background (8116)hair over one eye (6406)heart (35322)horn (17885)jumping (2338)lesbian (74617)long tongue (1354)lyrabon (2595)one eye closed (18013)open mouth (95465)original species (16850)shipping (151480)shoulder freckles (672)smiling (167716)species swap (14340)spread wings (37867)starry eyes (2135)tatzlbon (6)tatzlpony (941)tentacles (8906)tentacle tongue (559)timber pony (307)timber wolf (1001)tongue out (69665)wingboner (6987)wingding eyes (14229)wings (43888)wink (17271)

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It was the perfect plan, plan to make an image with Tatzlbon, request one, and have there be even more Tatzlbon images!
though I really only did the heart thing because the other two bons did it and I am nothing if not a follower. :V

@Jubei The Pony
You’re welcome!
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