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So here I am at it again, with the anthros, I just really want to get them right and I’ve been looking at how I can do so, here is the result! Quite pleased with it. n_n
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suggestive190448 artist:thebrokencog1101 twilight sparkle357212 alicorn313453 anthro358944 g42025942 breasts390154 busty twilight sparkle16350 cleavage46585 clothes633017 cuffs (clothes)1566 female1799276 friendship throne742 maid7976 pinup4031 solo1423571 solo female234102 spread wings94130 stockings48365 throne4335 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148938 wings222099


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Background Pony #F5AF
Twilight: Your armor looks really dusty Flash, I thought I should put on something more fitting if I’m gonna clean it.
Flash: B-but I’m not wearing my armor.
Twilight: I know