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Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #12: Star Bright

This Small gift goes to my good friend Star Bright!

First of all, I met this guy due to macro horses, that's irony right there because after getting to know him I got to learn about his true passion: small things! Small, tiny, minuscule, there's not small enough to satisfy this guy! He got plenty of passions, games, roleplaying, messing around with friends, etc. We don't share a lot of time together but I know that if I need a friend's support, he will do what he can do help me out (AKA HE IS REALLY NICE GUYS).

Enjoy this tiny gift for you my friend. And please eat that small (or is it big) apple~ I wanna see the results hehe.

Picture done by Circus-Cinnamon from Deviantart, their gallery can be found here:


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Happy Derpy! -
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Bronze Bit -

Probably gonna have to have some of that dried out and stored away, so he can keep enjoying this gift all year :3