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“Current Show’s Foals” Here is a teenage Flurry Heart, rebelling against the system!
safe1687967 artist:pabbley2309 princess flurry heart7159 alicorn220908 pony949684 bracelet9177 choker11690 dialogue64404 ear fluff28673 ear piercing25581 eyeshadow15219 female1346023 grayscale37632 it's a phase44 it's not a phase79 jewelry61816 makeup20891 metallica106 monochrome148469 older26209 open mouth142062 piercing40203 princess emo heart99 punk2204 raised hoof44760 rebellious teen16 simple background387130 sitting62177 solo1051589 spiked choker1559 spread wings53663 teenage flurry heart78 teenager4559 white background96042 wing piercing251 wristband3546


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