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Farm Work seems to be getting busier than ever. Time to turn up the charm for the good grades
suggestive170710 artist:annon2662 applejack186570 human198766 abs13734 alternate hairstyle33015 applebucking thighs2335 bedroom eyes71408 belly button94313 big breasts104625 bimbo6013 bimbo jack333 blushing235399 breasts336908 busty applejack12311 candy8383 cleavage40380 clothes551304 curvy8258 eyeshadow21995 female1583031 fingernails542 food86206 front knot midriff1548 humanized109114 lipstick13840 lollipop2877 makeup30150 microskirt482 midriff21440 nail polish9878 necktie8943 panties56920 pigtails5556 ponytails194 seductive look1737 seductive pose2085 short skirt491 skirt47370 solo1249168 solo female204792 stupid sexy applejack894 sucker55 thighs21557 thong6897 twintails1974 underwear69873


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night watch

“Ah know mah test was pretty bad, but things have been very busy at the farm lately.”  
(AJ turns around and lowers her panties, presenting her large bare ass)  
“If ya were to change mah grades, you’ll have mah deepest gratitude, sugarcube.”  
A few minutes later  
Background Pony #508A
Seeing AJ all spiffied up like this makes me REALLY want to see her buck some apple trees…
Sexy schoolgirl farmer Applejack… Man, I have a wild imagination.