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suggestive145589 anonymous artist2823 princess cadance32811 shining armor23404 anthro264909 plantigrade anthro33560 barefoot28008 blushing201173 clothes467634 feet40721 feet up147 female1382509 foot fetish7929 foot focus2755 foot massage101 legs in air3945 lip bite11810 male380650 shiningcadance2705 shipping203019 smiling254581 soles4363 spread toes142 straight138459 t-shirt4560 tickling4687 toes6455


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Background Pony #D11B
Can you do more Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Velvet as well as Princess Luna and Cadance?
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
O wow, to be in Shiny's position right now…Cady's feet are clearly so sensitive, that even a loving foot massage is enough to tickle the Princess' soles without trying.

Shiny's diary entry for that night…

Dear Diary…jackpot. :D