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Barry Tone
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Christ's God: יהוה
@Lord You Know Who

Nothing new. (R7 speech ahead.) In 1978, XTC's song "Statue of Liberty" was banned by the BBC for the lewd line "And in my fantasy I sail beneath your skirt," while Lou Reed's 1972 "Walk on the Wild Side" song (which is arguably worse, from a 1950s — 1980s Christian perspective) was perfectly fine when it talked of male prostitution, and transexuals giving head. This should at least raise an eyebrow for the thought process, unless it's just different people giving an "OK" on different days. Or am I missing context here?

EDIT: Seriously, is this gonna be the last comment?
Lord You Know Who
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Also: I'm among the people who find it massively hypocritical that Space Jam: A New Legacy won't have Pepe Le Pew because he's "controversial" and "not kid-friendly", yet having the War Boys in the same movie is somehow OK.
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Monde de merde
To understand the reference, the movie's big bad is this wasteland warlord named Immortan Joe who's indoctrinated his men, called the War Boys, into worshipping him as a living god. Many of the War Boys are in poor health from radiation sickness and believe that dying in a blaze of glory for Immortan Joe's service will grant them access to Valhalla. When a War Boy mounts a suicide attack, he usually calls the attention of the others by screaming "Witness me!" and spray paints his teeth with chrome.

Here, Pinkie's doing the same thing, except with whipped cream instead of chrome paint.