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Choose your side :  
Team Sonic : Sonic , Tails , Knuckles , Amy rose , Cream , Rouge , Shadow .  
Team MLP : Twilight , Rainbow Dash , Applejack , Fluttershy , Pinkie pie , Rarity , Sunset Shimmer .  
Team FP(Freedom Planet) : Sash Lilac , Carol Tea , Milla Basset , Torque , Spade , Klonoa , Guntz .  
Team FE (Fallout Equestria ) : Littlepip , Steelhooves , Calamity , Velvet Remedy .  
Get ready to fight against Eggman and Arktivus Brevon , before he’s rule all Equestria .

safe2173562 artist:trungtranhaitrung318 applejack200393 fluttershy258512 pinkie pie255776 rainbow dash279807 rarity217486 sunset shimmer79092 twilight sparkle357629 oc947119 oc:calamity860 oc:littlepip5213 oc:steelhooves288 oc:velvet remedy1354 alicorn313973 earth pony446002 pegasus496176 pony1601750 unicorn537632 fallout equestria22925 g42027546 amy rose527 applejack's rangers107 armor31172 bandai namco12 battle saddle384 card3406 carol tea14 clothes634110 commander torque1 cream the rabbit211 crossover73085 cutie mark51396 dashite527 downvote bait1181 fanfic11388 fanfic art18607 female1801876 flower39445 freedom planet55 galaxytrail3 glowing horn29120 gun20746 guntz4 handgun4132 hasbro2670 hat124170 hooves25968 horn190108 japanese10131 jumpsuit5579 klonoa65 knuckles the echidna565 levitation16241 little macintosh632 logo7107 magic96590 male550422 mane six37598 mare740572 miles "tails" prower898 milla basset15 optical sight964 pipbuck4364 power armor1458 revolver2080 rifle4938 rouge the bat419 sash lilac30 sega764 shadow the hedgehog959 sonic team60 sonic the hedgehog5595 sonic the hedgehog (series)8928 spade90 spread wings94407 stallion195557 steam3234 steel ranger385 telekinesis39038 tf2 logo9 tree49304 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149077 vault suit4371 weapon41228 wings222785


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