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dead source47600 suggestive192592 artist:illuminatiums194 bon bon18971 cheerilee11314 lyra heartstrings34376 sweetie drops18971 earth pony514847 pony1628288 g42053738 apple21515 bedroom eyes83397 book44250 bridle5047 butt235881 classroom2237 clothes644804 desk4710 female1829284 flowerbutt399 lesbian119117 lingerie14238 mare758210 panties64588 plot147226 ponyville schoolhouse796 saddle2754 school2434 ship:lyrabon4096 shipping257525 socks97236 solo focus30188 stockings49480 striped socks28670 stupid sexy cheerilee124 underwear79904


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Ocellus is best buggo
Keep on doing what you do best. Don’t let prissy DA moralfags keep you down.
Although I’d like more adorable pictures like that Derpy and Dinky one.
Ace the Fox

Well looking at this picture, I’d guess you would say that I’m–  
(Puts on Sunglasses)  
–Hot for Teacher.