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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Sunshine and Moonlight

Working together like two celestial and terrestial sisters in a golden pea pod!

Midnight Thief: Lily the Cat burglar by LilyLunatic13

Note: The title of this comic refers to the tool held by Sunshine Smiles (from the MLP:FIM episode "Canterlot Boutique") and the English phrase associated with the tool (to pressure someone into a tight situation with limited room)

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suggestive132724 artist:meiyeezhu341 descent152 moonlight raven421 sunshine smiles248 oc627672 oc:lily98 human146557 anime4987 apartment139 ascension87 backpack1768 bed37958 bedroom9121 bolt cutter3 burglar33 cat burglar9 climbing304 climbing harness24 clothes426327 cloud28492 collar30241 comic103380 crime88 criminal72 cropped46742 dark4359 dark clouds120 drawer244 epic fail258 eyeshadow14060 fail1345 funny3904 garden621 glow4040 glowing horn17724 grappling hook131 heart44633 heights6 horned humanization6510 humanized96474 humanized ponified human144 levitation11149 lingerie9819 lunaticlily131 magic68475 mask5878 milestone742 mirror4890 moon22127 moonlight719 necklace16432 night24258 night sky1569 old master q492 one-millionth image on derpibooru1 pajamas3050 pearl necklace1074 pendant1692 rope10647 shoehorn2 sleeping22237 stealing341 stockings29827 telekinesis25647 traditional art111297 trapped764 waving2678 window7725


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