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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Sunshine and Moonlight

Working together like two celestial and terrestial sisters in a golden pea pod!

Midnight Thief: Lily the Cat burglar by LilyLunatic13

Note: The title of this comic refers to the tool held by Sunshine Smiles (from the MLP:FIM episode "Canterlot Boutique") and the English phrase associated with the tool (to pressure someone into a tight situation with limited room)

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suggestive (114626)artist:meiyeezhu (291)descent (103)moonlight raven (386)sunshine smiles (213)oc (531830)oc:lily (84)human (132008)anime (3718)apartment (81)ascension (75)backpack (1555)bed (31631)bedroom (6856)bolt cutter (2)burglar (29)cat burglar (8)climbing (236)climbing harness (20)clothes (360993)cloud (28796)collar (24877)comic (90808)crime (67)criminal (66)cropped (35721)dark (3901)dark clouds (94)drawer (198)epic fail (229)eyeshadow (10707)fail (1228)funny (3228)garden (507)glow (3380)glowing horn (13841)grappling hook (93)heart (38352)heights (6)horned humanization (5811)humanized (88449)humanized ponified human (140)levitation (8877)lingerie (8493)lunaticlily13 (1)magic (58412)mask (4504)milestone (630)mirror (4170)moon (18970)moonlight (556)necklace (12521)night (19765)night sky (1308)old master q (360)one-millionth image on derpibooru (1)pajamas (2554)pearl necklace (747)pendant (1495)rope (9104)shoehorn (2)sleeping (19440)stealing (302)stockings (25650)telekinesis (21136)traditional art (98905)trapped (630)waving (2135)window (6111)


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