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suggestive190803 artist:thebrokencog1101 edit173046 editor:vanchees145 twilight sparkle357896 anthro359908 g42029981 absolute cleavage5492 beach22073 belly button110787 bikini25643 breasts391259 busty twilight sparkle16407 cleavage46740 clothes634802 female1803477 legs together2759 looking at you259477 red bikini110 red swimsuit238 smiling397681 solo1426585 solo female234636 spread wings94589 swimsuit39152 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149208


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Twilight sparkle: You think I look good today?
My face flushed with redness, making her giggle.
Me: No, you look absolutely beautiful today, Princess.
Twilight blushes of the compliment, and gave a warming smile.
Twilight: Y-you really think that Im...Beautiful to you?   Me: **gulps** Yes, y-your highness.   She walks up to me, wraps her arms around my neck, and her lips met mine. Her tail wags back and forth like a dog, and her wings wraps around us.   I hug her tightly and kept us both kissing. As we parted, she kept her smile.   Twilight: Thank you.   Me: No problem. And I love you.   Twilight: And I love you too, my beloved human subject.   We return to our kisses, but unknowning to me, I accidently plant one of my hands onto her left breast.   Twilight: Ahh!   I jerked back and apologize to her for my action.   Me:Im so sorry, Princess Twilight! I really didn’t even mean t-
Twilight: Don’t apologize!
She gave me a look only a lusty mare would give her victim. The Princess bites her lips, still keeping her smile, and lift the breast I touched by accident.
Twilight: I think my girls wanted you to nurse them. I feeling the sensation like before, would you mind of help me to relief this feeling for me.
She blinks at me with her bedroom eyes and lip bite.
Me: I-I guess.
Twilight lits her horn and we disappear from the beach, and teleporting to our motel room. As got in front of our bed, she rips her bra.
Twilight: let’s begin, shall we?