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The Crossover in full comic form.

(A three way crossover with JAD, Galloping Steel, and Colt Quest.)

Starring: Treads (G.S.) Sundancer (JAD) and Jewel Family Guards (Colt Quest)

>You are Treads Softly
>And most importantly
>The BEST tank commander!

>And by your side was your BEST driver, Little Star!
“We’ll show ‘em today, Little Star!”
>His plush head droops slightly
“I know I say that all the time, but we really will today! I have a secret weapon!”

>You present the most powerful round your behemoth could ever fire
>It was FOUR PLY
>The Guard will HAVE to take you seriously now!
>Tanks ARE real!

>You traverse the yard in your unstoppable cardboard juggernaut

>You grind to a halt

>Your screeching brakes catch the attention of a pegasus guard immediately
>”Oh! Hello little filly! Quite the impressive armor you have today! Is that a new cannon?”

>You nod gleefully, ready to explain the robust composition of the new main cannon
>You got it from a post office!
“Sure is, Mister Sir! This one can fire a new round I made!”

>”Who’s this brat? Why is she boxed up like a present?”
>”Oh, hey Siqueue! Did you want to see little Tread’s new heavy armor?”
>”…Her what?”

>”Her heavy armor? She calls it a tank!”
>”That’s completely rid-“

>Nopony calls you a BRAT!
>You load the 4 ply payload into your main cannon
>Siqueue cocks his head to the side

>The round flies out at an alarming speed

>Siqueue remains nonplussed
>…For all of two seconds
>Mister Sir struggles to keep Siqueue from assaulting you

>You ready another round for delivery when suddenly

>You look in the distance.
>There appears to be two heavily armored ponies walking towards the commotion
>Not like it matters
>Your armor was the HEAVIEST!
>Nothing will beat your tank!
>You squeeze Little Star totally not because they’re a bit scary.

>”Any particular reason you’re trying to assault a FILLY, Private Siqueue?”
>”The little ankle biter was disrespecting a Guard, sir. Completely uncalled for.”
>”And Siq’s salty he got rekt by a filly”
“That’s right! I’ll take you on any day! Gunner, load 4 ply!”
>Little Star droops in response

>Siqueue can only grumble as the blue unicorn approaches you

>”The name is Steel Charge.”
>His voice takes on a kinder tone as he speaks to you
>”So I heard you shot one of my ponies with something. I take it your ensemble is to blame?“

“It’s a tank! Its got heavy armor, and unmatched firepower! Kneel before the power of tanks!”

>”Unmatched firepower?”
“That’s right!”

>At first, he’s somewhat confused
>Then, a smile slides across his face and he chuckles
>”Show me.”

>The shot rings out
>A hefty roll of booty wipe rockets out of the barrel
>And strikes Steel right in the face
>Time seems to slow as the plushy round squishes his muzzle a bit

>He topples backwards
>Steel’s armor clatters as he falls onto his back, and his two friends rush to his aid

>Siqueue sounds somewhat surprised
>Sir tacks on a much less caring, and more deadpan
>”Staff Sergeant. Please. It’s just toilet paper.”

>You celebrate your victory in the duel
“WOOO! YAY! Another victory for us!”
>Little Star bounces and tumbles through the air

>Steel sits up and examines the spent round
>”Huh. Four ply?”
>He shakes his head and looks at you
>Before putting his hoof to his head
>”OH! OUCH! I’ve been bested! Farewell, cruel world!”

>He falls back down, defeated
>His two friends on the other hoof…

>”I don’t get it?”
>”It was JUST toilet paper!”

>You’ll show them!

>Another salvo of rounds find their marks, clunking off the helmets of the two remaining guards

>”Guys! Go down! Don’t make the filly sad!”
>Sir just simply nods after the hit
>And Siqueue looks awfully mad…
>But he won’t for long
>Tanks have never let you down!

>”Oh! Arhg! I! Can’t! Stand! Any more! UHRGH!”
>Sir falls to the floor, tongue sticking out and legs pointed to the sky
>He holds the pose before rolling to his side with a heavy ‘whump.’

>You look at Siqueue
>He rolls his eyes and droops his head, just like Little Star
>Before falling unceremoniously onto his belly
>And quietly saying
>”It appears I have been defeated. Noooo.”

“That’s right!”

>You look around, and note the final armored guard

>You’ll show them!
>You’re out of high ply rounds though…

>Little Star shifts on your head slightly
>What’s that?
“Great idea Little Star! As the heaviest armor around, we can just ROLL over her! Let’s go!”

>You engage the engine and lock the turret
>And you speed forward towards your target

>All shall fall before Treads and Little Star!
>The best tank team in EQUESTRIA!

>She stands completely still
>Appearing to be in her own little world
>Soon she’ll be UNDER the world!
>Because you’ll run her over
>With a tank.

>You speed up to her
“Brace, Little Star!”

>Your advance is halted!
>The target appears to be heavier than she looks
>You growl menacingly

>And she winces
>Probably in pain!
>You’ll get her yet

“Reverse, Little Star!”
>If at first you don’t succeed..!

>You strike her again
>And again!
>Each time she winces and looks around, begging for help!

>Beads to sweat trail down her face, and she swallows hard
>With a final push, you scrape her armor with the side of the box and put some distance between you two
>Surely that will have done it!

>She stands still
>Looking quite confused and flustered
>Before clattering to her side, legs extended and erect.

>She pauses a moment when on the floor
>Then she suddenly opens her mouth
>”Oh no. I am hit.”

>”I am bleeding out. Oh no. Mother. Save me. I don’t want to die. It is over. Now I am dead. Bleh.”


>You turn to speak to Little Star privately
“Did- Did we go overboard?”

>You look around at the carnage around you
>Four ponies lay on the floor
>Rounds scattered about
>And scuff on the fourth’s armor reveals your relentless brutality

>You hold up Little Star again.
“Nopony will know we did these war crimes, oka-“

>”Not bad, little filly!”
>”You were really great at driving that thing!”
>I WAS?!

>”Your armored construct there really showed us!”


>”Might be the best weapon I;ve ever seen, too!
>IT IS!?
>”Makes me want to get a… what was it, tank? Yeah! One of those!”


>You did it!
>Now they HAVE to take you seriously!
>Tanks exist!
>For realzsies!

>You squeak in excitement and hug Little Star close.
>It’s everything you ever wanted!
>You got to shoot ponies AND run one over!
>And now they love tanks too!

>You throw Little Star into the air and yell

>He tumbles lazily
“You said it Little Star!”

>Victory is yours!

>”Annoying filly.”

>You’ll get him back so hard for this.
>And you’ll use FIVE, no SIX ply next time!

safe1613482 artist:thebirdiebin132 oc625539 oc:anonguard13 oc:steel charge29 oc:sundance55 oc:treads21 pony881157 colt quest2486 adventurer76 angry24953 armor22300 box4331 box tank16 comic103186 crossover59203 cute185884 cyoa:galloping steel23 cyoa:hijack61 cyoa:just another day27 cyoa:royal guard survival39 doll5823 female1283991 filly61463 guard1129 guards98 happy28766 male343023 mare438641 push39 pushing756 scrunchy face6839 shove61 stallion97548 story included8356 tank (vehicle)1186


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Background Pony #3035

I'm quite sorry Amm. I don't follow all those cyoa's and so I thought it was a crossover of only those three. My mistake. =(
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Shoutout to Cammy
"(A three way crossover with JAD, Galloping Steel, and Colt Quest.)

Starring: Treads (G.S.) Sundancer (JAD) and Jewel Family Guards (Colt Quest)"

That's incorrect. This is a five way crossover between JAD, Galloping Steel, Colt Quest, Hijack, and Royal Guard Survival with Treads(G.S.), Sundancer (JAD), Jewel Family Guard (Colt Quest), Steel Charge (Hijack) and Anonguard (Royal Guard Survival).
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I don't wanna drag undertale into this, but all I can think while reading this is Undyne shouting "ANIME IS REAL!!!"