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Tags locked because people apparently need ten different ways to say this is the first image and five different ways to say things about comments.
artist needed25953 safe1708577 derpy hooves50190 pegasus292575 pony969633 adventure in the comments1276 bag4720 building2502 chair6825 cigar733 derpibooru legacy18 eyes1970 featured image879 female1365047 grin38624 gritted teeth12281 hilarious in hindsight3180 image macro37226 it begins257 j. jonah jameson54 letter3055 mail1127 male373420 mare481652 meme81968 muffin6433 necktie7299 paper3220 parody15642 phone6257 ponified41177 sitting63373 smiling249075 smoking4167 song in the comments246 spider-man1794 stallion109140 swinging392


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If I remember correctly the "Hilarious in Hindsight" tag was added later because the actor for Jonah Jameson made some comment on MLP:FiM, approving of it. Which made this image even more appropriate.
I could be wrong though, it was a loooong time ago.
Artist -

Aerospace and stuff
The idea of seeing image id 01 finally came to my mind, and turns out that the first image id is 0, ok.