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Size: 2448x2448 | Tagged: artist:shredhexstring, ask, male, male to female, oc, oc only, oc:stormshine, safe, sideways image, solo, transgender, trap, tumblr

I might be 5 years late to the party (Derpibooru is huge, and happened to stumble upon through the trap keyword), but do you mind if I digitally color this (in flat colors, since my skill and knowledge aren’t good enough) using the original approximate colors and publish with an @-mention and link back to the original ?

You can take a look at my DeviantArt for examples, I use the same username everywhere. There’re a couple pieces on Derpibooru under artist:rautamiekka, but those are colored sketches, so not really good examples.

I could rotate the pic as well while I’m at it.