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Size: 1600x1600 | Tagged: 4chan, alicorn, arimaspi, bingo, changeling, changeling queen, cloudy quartz, colt, dragon, earth pony, feather bangs, female, filly, fluttershy, foal, griffon, grin, igneous rock, leak, limestone pie, male, map, marble pie, mare, maud pie, /mlp/, moe syzlak, pegasus, pinkie pie, pony, pound cake, princess cadance, princess celestia, princess ember, princess flurry heart, princess luna, pumpkin cake, quartzrock, rainbow dash, rarity, secrets and pies, shadow play, shining armor, smiling, smug, spike, spoiler:s07, spoiler:s07e23, spoiler:s07e24, spoiler:s07e25, spoiler:s07e26, stallion, starlight glimmer, star swirl the bearded, suggestive, sunburst, trixie, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), uncommon bond, unicorn, vulgar, welcome home twilight
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Magnificent Bastard
@Flaming Frets
Don’t have to, the two parter was already leaked online so there’s no surprise or speculation to even look forward to :/
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Size: 805x1194 | Tagged: artist:jbond, capper, humor, my little pony: the movie, photoshop, safe, spoiler:my little pony movie, wtf
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

@Chaotic Note
Russian browser that acts more like a virus. You let your guard down for just one moment and not read terms of use while installing something and you catch that thing. And you can’t simply delete it.

Upper two
And never take candy from strangers.
Ok dad.
Also I must never get to their car, right mom?
That’s right.

Lower two
And never download files from unknown sites! Or you might catch Amigo again!
Are you scaring him with amigo again!? You know he still has nightmares!

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Size: 1920x1185 | Tagged: animal costume, apple bloom, artist:mauroz, bride of frankenstein, clothes, costume, cutie mark crusaders, dragon, dragon costume, halloween, halloween costume, holiday, human, humanized, implied shipping, implied spikebelle, implied straight, jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, safe, scootaloo, spike, sweetie belle, vampire, werewolf
The Crusaders are wearing their costumes from the Nightmare Night episode(Sweetie is a vampire, Scootaloo is a werewolf, and Apple Bloom is the Bride of Frankenstein), and Spike is in the middle.
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Size: 1023x827 | Tagged: cosmo, nicktoons, safe, seems legit, twilight sparkle, unicorn
Background Pony Number 17
The superscript "S2" means Season 2, I guess, yet they’re saying new episodes? Has the overseas distribution of MLP:FIM not gone past Season 1 yet?
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