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Size: 745x900 | Tagged: adorasexy, artist:cogbrony, bedroom eyes, boots, breasts, cleavage, clothes, cute, equestria girls, equestria girls outfit, high heel boots, humanized, jacket, jeans, leather jacket, looking at you, on knees, pants, shadow, signature, simple background, smiling, solo, solo female, suggestive, sunset jiggler, sunset shimmer, underass, white background
Background Pony #8D90
at first i thought this was racoonkun’s work
nice one
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Size: 7200x6400 | Tagged: artist:guywithamp, bat pony, buck legacy, clothes, dragon, dragon familiar, dress, familiar, jewelry, lidded eyes, oc, oc:camellia rose, safe, scabbard, solo, whip
Dusk Raven
A second boss? I’m curious how that worked. Always looking to spice up my own games of Buck: Legacy…
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Size: 355x511 | Tagged: book, cloak, clothes, coldsteel the hedgeheg, edgy, edit, idw, magic, misspelling, nothin personnel kid, safe, scar, shadowlock, spike, spoiler:comic, spoiler:comic51, spoiler:s07, telekinesis
@Background Pony #1873
@Background Pony #4CBF
Calling a princess a princess now considered edgy.
But being all black with red colored magic and a scar plus a cloak totally not edgy.

To be fair, he’s grey not black and he’s hardly the first character wearing a cloak.
Remove the scar and the cloak and he could pass as BG pony.
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Size: 360x203 | Tagged: 3d, animated, artist:red4567, baby, baby ponies, baby pony, cute, diaper, magic, pacifier, pony, pound cake, poundurry, princess flurry heart, safe, sharing, shipping, source filmmaker, straight, valentine's day
Background Pony #9578
i find this cute and disturbing at the same time
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