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@Feydrid Kearn

Thank you for telling me that. It makes me less less hateful and bitter in the end, knowing there actually were some people who appreciated my work.
I’ll try to make myself at home using the same name on e621, furaffinity, furrynetwork, inkbunny, maybe tumblr.
Size: 1280x1578 | Tagged: bird, downvote bait, drama bait, meme, molt down, roc, safe, spike, spoiler:s08e11, triggered
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@Solar Knight Sunny
you clearly know very little about transitioning or life, think you need to stop listening to the (((Skeptics)))

@Brony kaiju soldier
Wait which is it? are you being forced to say it or not? you start off saying people are getting fired and googles taking you down.
but then say you have the right to not use someone’s pronouns?

again you can, that’s fine. but no one has to associate with you if you’re a dick either. As well if you’re talking about rights, Google also has every right to make whatever shitty choice they do on their service, employers have the right to fire people.
freedom of speech is not freedom of consequence of the people, just protection from government actions.
And also from the fact you’re saying soy boy unironically and calling me dear in this condescending way, you need to head back to your little reddit echo chamber mate. I’ll make fun of retards on the left or right, and you certainly are an exceptional individual who for some reason thinks a person of their own free will calling a person with a penis is the sign of the end times.