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dead source21639 safe1658828 artist:karpet-shark382 twilight sparkle294184 alicorn215243 pony922948 twily-daily379 april fools753 armor23027 chest fluff36522 eye twitch368 featured image846 female1321739 floppy ears49908 frown22255 helmet10391 mare458391 pillow17112 preparing18 scared10090 shivering2023 sitting60325 solo1033360 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121082 wide eyes16647


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Background Pony #BDC0
Apparently "carpet shark" is an occasionally-used tongue-in-cheek term for ferrets, and since she loves ferrets and currently owns one, that was her choice for a username. So if that's what you thought it implies, then yes, it implies what you thought it implies.