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Door edit as requested in original edit —
Size is different cause the software was being a butt.
Credit to Evehly for Fluttershy art
safe1655583 artist:evehly839 edit127537 editor:band sickle9 fluttershy207264 bat pony47151 pony920012 bat ponified2500 cute192101 door3842 doorknob84 ear fluff26975 ear tufts453 emanata48 female1318977 flutterbat6739 head tilt1038 high res24590 looking at you159580 mare456984 modern art1454 peeking654 race swap13794 shy3935 shyabates304 shyabetes13028 simple background376564 slit eyes4349 slit pupils674 solo1031258 wallpaper18334 wallpaper edit3043 white background93344 wrong eye color926


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