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Background Pony #90D9
There are still a lot of those up. Were the ones that were removed just clips without images or something? Without context, my guess would be that they're treating them as being the "voice actors" saying stuff rather than the "characters" saying stuff, and thus further reasoning that the voice actors saying stuff isn't inherently pony-related unless either 1) they explicitly say something that has to do with pony or 2) the clip is paired with an image to indicate that the character in the image is saying it. So a clip of "Twilight" telling a story about going to Sugarcube Corner and meeting Pinkie Pie would be pony-related on its own, but a clip of "Twilight" saying, "My shoes are untied" or something would only be pony-related if it was combined with an image showing Twilight with her shoes untied.

This Pony Does Not Exist, on the other hand, produces ponies (and occasional failed attempts at ponies), period. There's no analogy to the voice actor / character separation, so it's just being treated like an artist.