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Size: 800x711 | Tagged: safe, razzaroo, g3, official, backcard, birthday cake, cake, candle, comb, food, fork, text
Size: 1272x1920 | Tagged: safe, velvet bow, pony, g3, official, backcard, clothes, female, hat, scan, scarf, solo, text
Size: 1728x2265 | Tagged: safe, sparkleworks, g3, official, backcard, cute, dutch, english, german, italian, spanish, text
Size: 820x861 | Tagged: safe, fizzy pop (g3), g3, official, backcard, backstory, close enough, female, fireworks, merchandise, solo
Size: 400x504 | Tagged: safe, bumblesweet (g3), g3, official, athletic, backcard, flower, jumping, leaping, looking back
Size: 188x230 | Tagged: safe, sweetsong, earth pony, pony, g3, official, backcard, bridge, cropped, flower, mandolin, musical instrument, pink hair, pink mane, purple coat, scan, solo
Size: 500x726 | Tagged: safe, pearly pie, pegasus, pony, g3, official, backcard, colored wings, solo, wings
Size: 620x1023 | Tagged: safe, lickity split, pony, g3, official, backcard, food, ice cream, ice cream mountain, leaning tower of ice cream, sundae, that pony sure does love ice cream
Size: 1110x800 | Tagged: safe, moondancer (g3), g3, official, backcard, blanket, boombox, cellphone, comb, cute, dancerbetes, food, phone, popcorn, soda, story, teddy bear