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NOTE: This is both a new request from 'superfun' as well as a sequel to >2284775. Hope you enjoy!

It had been a few days after the Rainbooms’ spring break aboard the cruise ship Lux Deluxe and although the group faced a slight complication at first due to Rainbow Dash’s obsession with seeking evil magic on the ship, Twilight Sparkle managed to remedy the situation by hypnotizing Dash into acting as her servant for the duration of the cruise. However, once the trip did end and Twilight released Dash from her hypnotic state, the rainbow-haired athlete was understandably not happy by what was done to her and swore that she would get back at Twilight one day. The purple-skinned girl initially brushes this off as an empty threat, but come the first day back at school after the break, and Twilight is surprised when Dash suddenly confronts her in the hallway just before first period holding a pocket watch, which she soon starts swinging in front of the bookworm’s eyes. When Twilight asks what Dash is doing, the tomboy replies by saying that (after doing some research on the subject at home and doing a little practice on Scootaloo), she is hypnotizing Twilight as payback for being enslaved for the entirety of spring break. Despite her eyes still being locked on the swinging watch in front of her, Twilight tries to get her friend to stop what she’s doing, but soon finds herself slipping deeper into a trance, her mind growing blank and open to Dash’s commands. Once her friend is fully under her control, Dash (feeling mischievous) erases a good portion of Twilight’s IQ and tells her that she will act like a ditzy, absent-minded airhead up until the final bell rings that day. The blue-skinned girl knows that it may be wrong to possibly humiliate her friend this way, but given that she just spent the last two weeks as said friend’s hypnotized slave, she thinks it’s a suitable arrangement….

Once Twilight has accepted her temporary conditioning, Dash lowers the pocket watch (which she stores in her pocket) and snaps her fingers to awaken her hypnotized friend. However, upon snapping back to reality, Twilight makes it clear that her mind has been tampered with as she seems to have taken on the speaking mannerisms of a stereotypical valley girl. As a quick test to see how low her friend’s intelligence has dropped, Dash asks Twilight a few complex science equations, but due to her hypnotically-decreased brainpower, the former bookworm struggles to come up with the correct answers, going so far as to answer ‘zebra’ to a question about arthropods. Dash finds this very amusing, and upon realizing that the two of them have a majority of their classes together, the tomboy becomes ecstatic over witnessing the possible antics that the stupefied Twilight could get into over the duration of the day….
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