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Originally posted on: March 15, 2017
Yet another ref of a new cast member on the Butters the Alicorn blog.

Glimmershine here is also my first real crystal pony OC. Been trying for years to get any ideas for such and here she finally is. Typical me wanting a crystal pony so I can play with the crystal surface look, only to make one who does not have ot :roll:

Transferred from the Crystal Empire to learn about the more modern world after being stuck outside of time for more than a thousand years. At least that's the official story. Used to be a guard in the Crystal Empire but needed a change of space due to reasons. More or less under the wing of Hunter, despite she could bend him into a pretzel if she decided to. But she can put up with his gleeful nature and he can put up with her stoic silence. It works out.
Has some baggage with her from the time where King Sombra ruled the Crystal Empire, which is the main reason she felt the need to go find another place to be.

Still not the best at drawing buff looking ponies, but I think her design turned out well after enough tries.


Glimmershine © Me

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