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Once rivals, and now an item…Pinkie Pie and the notorious Flim and Flam brothers are a very strange couple. They enjoy each other's company, and are very close. All three are creative, fun loving and energetic. Pinkie's relationship with the twins is the most controversial in the Mane Six. Most of her friends (notably Applejack) opposed of her being with them, and it caused a small rift between the girls and Pinkie for a awhile. They still came together, but it was very awkward on Pinkie's end.

And then the pink pony got pregnant. She gave birth to triplets, whom they jokingly named the Trouble Triplets. It is unknown on who the father is, but Flim and Flam both care and love their kids dearly. They (mostly) stopped their scamming, but ponies are still wary of them, especially Apples.


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