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Started by Background Pony #C679
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@Shadow the Hedgehog
Unrealistic, it allows you to land on payloads despite the fact that people are proven unable to occupy the same space as a payload,

The Armor System from my new game idea,

armor acts as a second layer of HP, with a added bonus of reducing incoming damage against it by a flat amount, for example KC Kate has 100 Human Flesh HP and 200 Steel Armor, let’s say an average enemy deals 25 slashing damage on each of their attacks, if KC had 300 Human Flesh HP she would die after 12 of these attacks, but if we see her armor has -15 from physical damage that means that she can take twice as many hits since most of the attacks become 10 damage, but as a further note some weaker attacks can’t overcome her armor at all, meaning that they can’t hurt her, for example an enemy using the poison dart blowgun can’t hurt Kate until her armor is broken since the dart has to damage her HP to inflict it’s Poison and only does 5 damage,
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Oh, I REALLY hope that System Shock Portable becomes available via again(likely after the remake is released spring next year).
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So, the C64 version of "Parasol Stars" got cancelled because the computer containing the game’s code got stolen in a burglary.

It’s a lie. The programmer’s wife destroyed it in a drunken rage before leaving him for her ex-husband.
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So I’m officially shocked. My level 48 character in full T-60 BOS power armor in FO4 just died for the first time. Playing on Hard, I finished up a sweep through Wicked Shipping and activated the Utility Protectron just to kill it and get some scrap. Well fuck me, it pieced me apart in 4 hits. FOUR HITS. I saw my life going down just in time to slam one stimpack, but it was too late. Fucking thing killed me. A lowly protectron.

Oh yeah, and I lost more than an hour of progress.
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Could somebody ask Nightweaver if Fallout 4 autosaves periodically? I was under the impression that most of Bethesda’s more recent games did.
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You know, I can’t help but shake my head at those who think that government involvement with loot boxes is a bit much. No body cared about them when they were in TF2, because it was free and you could sell/give away what you got. When Overwatch did it, everyone just playfully laughed, saying that it was just cosmetics, starting the chain. When Destiny 2 did it, there was some annoyance, but most people still bought the game. Shadow of Mordor was just given a slap on the wrist for making the orcs loot boxes. Call of Duty? Didn’t affect the sales of a game that rewarded you for watching others open their loot boxes. I’ve heard that EA’s sport games are designed similar to how Battlefront 2 was going to work. It’s even the system of mobile games, and made a "turning players into payers" system that reads your phone activities to know how to get you into paying. It’s kind of like what Jim said; give game companies an inch, and they’ll take the world.
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I got Xenoblade on the Switch. Gonna try it now but I’m still kinda pissed that Nintendo hasn’t fixed the shop issue.

I’m Belgian and I hate Dutch games because they usually ditch the jokes or ruin them. So I keep my system on English. But when I do that, the shop defaults to French and there’s still no way to change it.

I love Nintendo so much but why do they have to be so stupid with some of their design choices?
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