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reformation is the best
i did not want anyone to be a jerk but dracula is dracula so it makes sense but I just added that he did let jekyll into his house too since he and the others in the house were amazed (jekyll and hyde's friends already knew)

I'll do my best but the most I do is cut add that the characters went as fast as they could and found the town but then cut to erik and thomas because is certain details we don't need to know but I will add either the narrator or the reader actually seeing the processes of adam trying to find help but failing due to it being too late at night or ponies were caught off guard by adam's size

they all have to explain their stories to the mother and I have to let the narrator talk due to already been known and it will be too long to put in but she accepts them but will fully accept them over time

they will keep doing this but they will eventually have to write it down on paper so they don't have to keep saying it and make it into a book
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