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Vigil: "Escapism is one aspect, but your dreamworld often constructs itself like a map of your own mind, it looking like your home city is pretty normal too."

_he leads her further in._

"your subconscious does a lot of heavy lifting when you're awake already, but when you sleep it coordinates the cleanup of your thoughts but you're not really here for that you're here for-"


"... him."

_sure enough the slightly translucent form of an inkling walked up to them, hands behind his head, dumb grin on his face and a charger strapped to his back._

Vigilante: "Hey again Shelly, nice to meet you again, feeling better?"

Twilight: "if he dodged you on the way here, he was either invisible, or moved instantaneously."

WHistler: "the obvious point would be, someone that knows to teleport, or turn invisible, was helping him get here."

"and if the unpleasant conclusion that leads me to is correct, texty, we may need you to take a look over the castle, right now."

(sorry again for being so late.)
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