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???: "[Of course I would know](, Wind Whistler...formerly Albrecht Schweizer, a human scientist. The assistant to a man known as Albert Einstein"

**He looks over the whole group**

???: "Matias Andersson, former human of another Earth...Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup & you, Utonium. Former humans of, yet, another Earth...and DWAN-04501, designated name 'Plant Man', once a puppet of a genius wonder how I know your names without even meeting you?"

**He chuckles and points a hoof to his head**

???: "Your little friend is here to thank me for that. But now, it is only fair that I introduce myself, since you are so eager to know"

**He clears his throat**

???: "I am Stranaii Satau. Formerly the commander of the 152nd Battle Fleet, I soon rose to the ultimate seat of the Zedhean Alignment! Once, I had a grip across the stars...but, after an unfortunate incident, I am now reduced to but a simple form, transferred within to the body of this *child* who hasn't even been fully developed! It was only today, in your little 'corner of sugarcubes', that my essence soon awoke!"
**[Shelly was running as fast as she could](, down the steps and around corridors in order to get out of the apartment block. When she exited outside, she stopped to catch her breath. Shelly noticed the screens flashing in the corner of her eye and looked to see a message before the screen returned to normal. She looked back to her equipment, to her apartment, to all of the city around her. She felt like her mind was being unraveled**

Shelly: "иσ...иσ ιт мυѕт вє α gℓιтςн ιи тнє ѕуѕтємѕ, ρяσвαвℓу נυѕт αи υиιитєи∂є∂ тєѕт мєѕѕαgє иσ σиє ωαѕ мєαит тσ ѕєє"

**She picked up her equipment and continued running. [When she reached the square](, it was midday, the sun was high across the city, Inklings were out and about, doing their business...and of course, Shelly's friends were waiting for her, directly in the square**

Bruce: "нαн! києω уσυ'∂ ѕнσω υρ. gυєѕѕ вαуσυ мєттα нєяє σωєѕ мє α ςяυѕт вυςкєт тιςкєт!"

Shelly: "ѕσяяу, ѕσяяу. ι gσт ѕι∂єтяαςкє∂"

Bayou: "ву ωнαт єאָαςтℓу?"

Shelly: "υм...ωєℓℓ..."

**One of her friends, Astra Masu, soon spoke up in a sarcastic fashion**

Astra: "ℓєт мє gυєѕѕ, ѕυ∂∂єиℓу нα∂ α *вяαιиωανє σf αи ι∂єα* αи∂ нα∂ тσ ωяιтє ιт ∂σωи?"

Shelly: "υнн, уєα! уєα, тнαтѕ ιт!"

**Bayou didn't seemed that convinced by her answer. Before he could say anything though, Bruce interrupted**

Bruce: "ℓσσк, ωнαтєνєя'ѕ нαρρєиє∂ нαѕ нαρρєиє∂! ςσмє σи, ωє αℓℓ ωαитє∂ тσ нανє fυи тσgєтнєя αи∂ тнαт'ѕ ωнαт ωє'ℓℓ ∂σ!"

**The others all nodded their heads and walked over to the central building. [Shelly stopped in her tracks when it felt like something was tracking her in the shadows]( She turned her head to look behind her. Nothing but Inklings were walking by, out on their own business...until, behind several of them, there was a silhouette of a pony**

Shelly: "нυн!?"

Bayou: "уσ, ѕнєℓℓу, ωнαт ιѕ ιт?"

Shelly: "ι ѕαω ѕσмєтнιиg συт σf тнє вℓυє, ιт ωαѕ...ωυн?"

**She tried to point it out but, by the time she turned to the others and turned back around, the silhouette was gone**

Astra: "αяє уσυ ςσмιиg σя иσт?!"

Bayou: "нєу, єαѕє тнє αттιтυ∂є, αѕтяα!"

Bruce: "ωнαт ∂ι∂ уσυ ѕєє ѕнєℓℓу?"

Shelly: "...иσтнιиg...ιт ωαѕ иσтнιиg"

Bruce: "αяє уσυ fєєℓιиg αℓяιgнт? мαувє ωє ѕнσυℓ∂ ςαℓℓ тнιѕ σff ιf уσυ'яє яєαℓℓу иσ-"

Shelly: "ι ςαи ∂σ тнιѕ. ι ѕαι∂ ι ωαитє∂ тσ ςσмє ѕσ ι ωιℓℓ!"

Bruce: "σкαу, σкαу, тαкє ιт єαѕу. ℓєтѕ gєт gσιиg тнєи"

**Shelly took another look behind herself again. The silhouette did not return**

Shelly: "уσυ ςαи ∂σ тнιѕ ѕнєℓℓу...уσυ'яє иσт ςяαzу..."
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