Some interesting potion[NSFW]

Ultimate Background Pony

((Oh… so this is the end huh? It’s OK, I can see how this went boring. Do you have any ideas on another rp? Preferably something MUCH more sex related? Something between us, or other characters?))
Solar's Wrath
Artist -

Boobs/Snake Goddess
((I prefer using character from the show and it doesn’t need to be entirely sex based… Its just that this one… I dunno… Like i told you, i don’t like 100% nsfw thing, it need to have diversity))
Ultimate Background Pony

((Me either. Tell you what. How about we go our separate ways for now (we’ll still keep in touch in the comments section) and when you think of something, message me, day or night, and I’ll rush over to join you. You were one of the best people I’ve met on this site and I’ll be more than trilled to rp with you again once you come up with your new topic.))
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