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I am here to bring some G5 related news and to keep the thread going on topic. My only source is from someone in a Discord sever who is partners with Hasbro. So **take this with a grain of salt.**

I don't know if many remember, but there was a time where it was being debated if we were going to get either 8x22min episodes or 23x22min episodes for what's supposed to be "Season 1"

he talked with a few sources of who have been looking into what Atomic Cartoons is up to and it seems that things are heavily leaning towards "Season 1" getting only 8x22min episodes.
With the visual style that Atomic Cartoons is taking, and based on a short conversation with DJTHED yesterday, it seems unlikely we could get 23 episodes in a less than a year or close to a year, due to the amount of frames that would have to be rendered for the 3D animations. DJTHED did some rough math and he said heit'd be about 700,000+ frames to render. So almost a million frames.

Realistically, Atomic Cartoons doesn't have the man power to pull something like that off. And his sources seem to basically heavily suggest that we will get only 8 episodes for part 1. Then the Christmas special and then more episodes later on. So essentially splitting "Season 1" into several parts. Much slower compared to G4's schedule. So it seems like we're going to have multiple hiatuses.. or not. So be prepared for those wait times...

I'm honestly not entirely sure if they're gonna call them seasons. But that part, i'm not entirely sure..

Again, whether you believe me or not, this is the only news I've heard from that person, even if it sounds sketchy and weird. We are two months away until the series begins. We may get official news about the schedule sometime soon or later down the road to September.
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